Sunday, September 16, 2007

Candida Diet: Day Two...

Meghan says I should make a diary of how I feel each day on this diet, so here I go!

Yesterday was ok, I wanted some candy really badly, but I made it through. Today was not so good. I went to a picnic and ate fried chicken and coleslaw... but that was not so bad. Then after that I had watermelon and rolacoukin ( I have NOOOOO idea how that is spelled), both of those were a no-no. ARGH. I fail at everything. But tonight I have been good. I am sick of eating baby carrots already. But I just had some eggs and salsa, which is very good. And my tummy is full and I am happy. I resisted the temtation to have carbs, mainly Ritz crackers! I don't really feel any other effects other than the sugar and carb cravings yet. I was having a some cookers block on what other food I could make that would be good for my diet, and Eric suggested Hamburger soup, without the potatoes, so now I am hopeful again. Argh.... I have hunger pains as I am smellling Eric's yummy popcorn he just made... I wonder if I can have that???

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