Friday, September 07, 2007

I Rode My Horse!

YES! Finally I rode Zaiyah and she is great! Today she was a bit of a brat, but probably cause my reins are too short. I love riding. I also need to get a new pad for under my saddle. Man horses are expensive! But I LOVE having one! Meghan invited me to go riding on Saturday with her and Lisa, so I think I am going to go. It will be fun!

The tickets are booked! We are leaving Oct. 10th and coming back Jan 10th. A whole three months!! It will be sad yet exciting to be away for Christmas and New Years. If anyone knows anyplace especially cool to go to during the Holidays let us know!

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Anonymous said...

hey Lindsey! How exciting for you!! That's very awesome yu get to persue your dream of going to Europe! What are your plans while you're there? Are you going to be travelling the whole time, seeing a but of everything? Anyway, just wanted to say hello... talk to you again soon! -Hill :)

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