Thursday, September 20, 2007

Please Help Me!!

It's true....we need help. We are leaving for Europe on Oct 10 and we need a place for our wonderful Irish Setter Maeve for that time.

She is awesome. She is great with kids and other animals. She is very gentle. There are times when she can get hyper, but she will still listen to sit, lay down and come. She loves going for walks and loves to run. She only barks if she is outside and night and is scared. She rarely barks inside. She is generally a very quiet dog. She is very easy going and she loves people. The only thing is she is scared of new people. You would have to be patient and gentle with her, or else she will not trust you and she will try to run away. She is not aggressivly scared of people. I have never seen her be aggressive. She just needs a place that will love her, hug her, give her belly rubs, give her lots of treats and give her attention.

We are looking for one of three things:

Ideal: Someone to come live in our house and take care of Maeve and the cat. The cat is easy. He lives outside and all you will have to give him is food. If you are interested in living here, you will only have to pay for your utilities you use (phone, internet if you want, half of hydro).

Good: Someone to take Maeve to their place for 3 months. Then we would also need another person to feed that cat.

Last Resort: Someone to come to our house and feed Maeve and the cat once or twice daily. I really don't want to do this. I hate to leave her without real human contact for three months. She would be miserable. She doesn't come to people she doesn't know, and she wouldn't come to someone that only stopped by for a few minutes)

If anyone is interested in doing any of this, please please please let me know! We only have 20 days left and we need a plan. Thanks so much for your time. Also if you know someone, anyone that you think would be interested. Also let me know.

Oh yeah, we are willing to pay you! That should spark some interest! Pay will depend on what you do! Thanks

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