Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Love/Hate Fall!!

I love fall because there are no bugs, it is nice cool weather, perfect for a walk, and it is GORGEOUS! For the last week and a half or so I am always so excited when I get home to drive down our drivway. It looks soooo pretty. It is such bright yellows, with some oranges mixed in , along with the left over green! I also love the smell of aging leaves. Brings back good memories of when I was little, raking leaves and jumping in them, and trick or treating on Halloween!
I hate fall because it means summer is over and winter (blah!) is coming.
These are some pictures I took of our driveway today. I really don't think they do justice to how nice the driveway really is. Maybe it is my photograpy.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to do justice to the natural beauty of the area you live in but you did pretty good! My imagination can fill in the rest!

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