Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 3 - Sugar Addict

So day three of my diet was not so perfect either. My stomach is starting to hurt and I just wanted some cake SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. I polished off a half of a large bag of baby carrots, hoping it would curb my craving... NOPE! Even after supper I wanted some cake. Luckily enought, Bryan and Kathleen had invited us over for cake and ice cream for Andrew's birthday. I knew I couldn't have any of it. But yesterday I had begged Eric to help me with this thing and he agreed. So I whined about having cake, and we decided it would be ok if I had one tiny piece, because I have been cutting back so much on everything else. So I did. It wasn't exactly a tiny piece, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was an large middle piece of a warm, iced chocolate cake. It was so good. I wanted more, but I was at least happy I had some. My sugar cravings are back now though. It is like I am going through withdrawl, it is so stupid. But at some points I just want to beg for someone to inject sugar into my veins so I can feel better. I am addicted. I am a sugar addict. I need rehab. I just need sometime for my body to realize it doesn't need to live on sugar, like it has been for so long. Right now my body is saying that it would like just one little piece of chocolate. But I know better. One little piece will not help anything.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...I have not had coffee in almost 2 weeks and so many times I've almost caved in and had some. I'm so tired this morning and nothing would be better than sitting down with a cup of coffee! Oh well..
This weekend when I was at home I had to watch my mom drink coffee the whole time and it was torture!! haha Anway, I gotta go now to take Cole to school...hope you have a good day!! Love ya!

Jobina said...

Sorry, I'm not a fan of low carb or no carb diets. Your body is craving sugar so badly because it doesn't even have carbs to turn into sugar. Carbs=energy, your body needs em. I'd rather see you go to whole grain (for carbs) only than do this to yourself. Whole grains fill you up more and keep those cravings at bay. Keep healthy!

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