Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Greek Mother's Day

Today I had alot of fun! I love having people over and making nice meals for them. Today we had my family and Eric's family over for Mother's day. There was a Greek theme. All the food was Greek, and some of the drinks.

We had bread and greek salads with oil and vinegar to starts. Then we had Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) for an appetiser. The main course was pork souvlaki and lemon potoatoes. Then we had a shot of ouzo to help digest our meal. For dessert we had Karithopita, a very delicious cake (It is sort of like a spice cake) and coffee. It was very good and I had fun cooking it.

Then our Mom's stayed for a while after to visit, which I was really glad they did. I am glad they did not leave right away! I had a good day, and I hope I made it a very special day for my mothers!

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Stacey said...

Lindsey, I just posted about your contest again on my blog, but you might want to check into listing it at It's a contest directory. You'd probably get more people to see it then!

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