Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh, What To Blog!

The other day I was thinking of things I could blog about, I must have come up with 10 different things. Right now I can only think of one thing! I should have written them down like I was going to!! They will come back to me. But for now I will just talk about...

My brand new car!! I haven't talked about it that much yet. It is GREAT! I love it. It drives so well, there is lots of room, and it is so cute! I have really enjoyed it so far. We took it to the island on the weekend, and it was so nice to have room to fit the dog's kennels inside, so they could be in them, instead of on our laps! Way safer! It is much better on gas as well, so it will save us money in that way. Plus it is nice to have 2 vehicles, Eric doesn't have to be stuck in Mennville for 2 weeks straight anymore!

I always said I would never buy a brand new vehicle, but I must say, it is pretty nice to smell that new car scent everyday! Another great thing is that we get free satelite radio for three months. I try to listen so the Christian music stations as much as I can while we have them. I usually listen to the Message, which is pretty good. I think it is a Christian pop station. There are some pretty lame songs on there, they sound like they are from the '80s, but that is another topic for another day...

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Mark said...

Hey Lindsey, I too thought about writing down potential blog ideas when they came into my head - and I tried it! Sometimes I will just write a few words, sometimes a paragraph, and occasionally the whole post. That way when I feel uninspired I can look to my list for ideas. It takes a bit of discipline, but when I do it it works great.

Also, glad to hear you are enjoying your new car!

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