Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things You Probaby Already Figured Out About Me And Some Things You Might Never Have Guessed

  1. I think I am part Greek. When I am in Greece, I just feel like I belong. I love the people, the food, the country, everything about it. I wish I could live there, even for a little bit.
  2. I love road trips. Especially with just Eric. It is such good bonding time. We both love driving for long hours and listening to music and hanging out. We are always looking for an excuse to go on a road trip!
  3. I sometimes say I'll do things and then forget about them. I don't want to forget, but it happens. More often then I would like.
  4. I HATE dealing with conflict and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I hate those uncomfortable situations and conversations.
  5. I check Facebook WAY to often. It is not that exciting really.
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogging and reading other people's blogs. I get sad when people don't post lots. So I am trying to do it more. Not than anyone reads mine. But I do.
  7. I really like to spend money. It is bad. I get a rush when I get new stuff. I think it is cause I never really had alot of my own money when I was younger, so I am making up for it now!
  8. I usually don't listen to people's (especially my family's) advice if I don't ask for it first.
  9. I am heavily influenced by advertising and nice packaging. This is something Joel pointed out to me in Europe. If the packaging is ugly or gross, I tend to think the product sucks. If something is advertised lots, I want to try it!
  10. I have very strong opinions. Most of the time it is on things that don't really matter.
  11. I love singing. I don't have a very good voice, but I love to belt it when I am home alone.
  12. I still want an Easy Bake oven. There is just something about them that I missed when I was little cause I never got one.
  13. I am scared of the dark.
  14. It creeps me out that there are wild animals running free in the bush.
  15. I wish I would have grown up when there wasn't any cars and we had to ride horses everywhere.
  16. I cry lots from music on the radio. Stupid sappy songs.
  17. I love stars. Real ones and patterns. My favorite!
  18. I love the combination of the colours blue, green and purple.
  19. 17&18 are the reasons this blogger template is PERFECT!
  20. There was alot more things I wanted to put on this list, but I forgot them now.


Unknown said...
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Jay Boaz said...

I wanted an Easy Bake Oven when I was younger; who wouldn't want to be able to have cupcakes or cookies whenever they want?

I actually made cupcakes from scratch using the real oven the other day. I'm a big kid now. :)


Anonymous said...

ok so i really want an easy bake oven too! we should get together when we have them...we could bring them camping! theres a whole bunch of other things i feel the same way about road trips with the husband, ummm blue and green and purple rock...i hate the dark it was part laziness and part creepiness that i asked jonathan to do our laundry cuz it was in our creepy basement with a trap door and a light that flickered. (i was scared of the trap door falling shut and the light burning out at the same time and to change the light would have meant to be there in the dark...) oh and i read your blogs when theres a computer around!

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