Wednesday, August 20, 2008


EVI!! You Get 10, 00 points!!! You guessed right that it was a bladder stone! We just got the results back and to be more specific it was a 100% struvite stone. It was so cool and rewarding to see that be pulled out. We thought it was a tumour and that the dog wouldn't make it, but when we saw this we were so excited because we knew it was much more treatable! YAY. Just a diet change and some antibiotics and back to normal, hopefully!

Sorry it took me so long... I kinda forgot!

Last night was my Partylite starter party. I did not do a very good job of inviting people so only 5 people showed up! I did not get all the sales I needed either, so I have to try and get some more orders. The thing I am going to like most about being a consultant is that I don't have to invite people. I am so bad at it! LOL.

If anyone is interested in having a party please let me know. I need to have 6 per month for the first 3 months to Brite Start, which means I get a bunch of extra stuff to give away and show at my parties. It would be awesome if you could help out and get free stuff while doing it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindz,
I was googling your name and I saw "Diary of a crazy person" and I clicked on it and it was you lol... pretty neat... do you still have your website? Everything on this computer is blocked i'm so shocked that I was able to go read your rants!!!
Love yeah

Unknown said...

WOO HOO! Now if only those points actually translated into something (teehee!)

All the best with PartyLite.
I was a Pampered Chef Consultant for a year. It can be tough to wrangle up all the parties you need.
I'm sure you can do it though.
If I still lived around there I would throw a party for you.

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