Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another New Idea!

So one day this last weekend I had an idea! I wanted to try and make my own bag! So I went to the fabric shop in Gimli and picked up a pattern! Here is the fabric I chose:

And this is the result! I should have just used the blue for the inside, but I think it turned out ok for my first try!

I liked making itso much I went back to the fabric shop today and bought enough fabric to make 8-12 more bags to sell!! I think the pattern on the last bag was too small so I went for larger patterns this time. I think they will look better and more stylish and less artsy crafty. I am modifying the pattern a bit, making the handle longer and the bag a little bit shorter. I am so excited! Maybe this will be successful.... but probably not knowing the things I try!

This is my favorite pattern! It is going to make such a unique bag!


Stacey said...

If you can figure out how to sew a great diaper bag, I would totally buy one from you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindz,
I would like a cool bag like you made but you know the material I like the black and white ones!!!!
Love yeah!

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