Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Review Site

In light of recent events, I have decided to change my dogs' blog to a reveiw site for pet products! I was looking for a product to help Paris with her thunderstorm phobia, and my vet told me about the Storm Defender, a cape that helps dispell the static electricity in the pet's coat, which is why they get so scared. I knew that is what was bothering Paris, not the sound of thunder, because she has had her panic attacks when it is just raining and not thundering. But there is also times when it rains that she is fine. But everytime there is thunder she panics. So I contacted the company and asked if they would send me a free sample. I reallly didn't think they would so I bought one before they gave me their answers. That night I got an e-mail from the owner of the company saying that because I worked at a vet, he would send me a free sample! I was so pumped, but mad I had went ahead and bought it. I called back and he said he would cancel my order, refund my money, and send me the sample for free! WOW. I am so excited. That made me want to tell everyone about the item and promote it, if it works. That got me thinking about making a reveiw site. I have always love reading reviews on products before I buy them, so this will give me an outlet to do them myself, and hopefully help other people! I figure I am a good candidate, cause I have big and small dogs, I have dogs who like all types of food and picky eatings, I have chewers, destroyers, very trainable dogs, stubborn dogs.... the list goes on and on. I also have a cat and a horse to try those products out! I will probably try to do breed profiles and articles about pet health and other topics. I am also willing to post reviews from other people! One thing I really want to try and find are good products for small dogs. Owning Chihuahuas had proven a challenge to find chihuahua sized treats and toys. I will try to find lots of stuff for the Petit Paws of this world, hence the name The Petit Paw!

Please tell help me make this blog a success. Please tell your friends about the The Petit Paw!

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