Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Shopping on Sunday was so much fun! Just my Mom and I went. It was fun. I bought ALOT of clothes. I probably bought more shirts than I ownded before hand! I got three pairs of pants. I really cleaned up at Ricki's. I love that store cause lots of stuff fits me in there. Then I went to Old Navy and bought my brother some cute clothes for school, and of course something for myself. Then I was browsing in Zellers waiting for my Mom and I saw some clothes I liked, so I tried them on and they fit! They were all 30% off so I had to buy them. I think I got one shirt for $10, 2 for $15 each, and jeans for $15! It was awesome! I never shop at Wal Mart or Zellers cause none of the nice stuff fits me, but this time they did! YAY! It was definatley therapy for me. I bought my mom supper at Boston Pizza to end the day. I have never done that much damage to my bank account on clothes in one day. It was awesome and I want to do it again! But not anytime soon. I still need shoes though, so if anyone knows where you can get nice woman's shoes that are in size 11, let me know!

And FINALLY! I am all set up with Partylite! I entered my first show and it was fun! I really like doing that.. Again.. if anyone wants lots of nice stuff for free, just have a party!!

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Anonymous said...

what fun :) Glad your shopping day was so successful! I went shopping by myself at Portage Place yesterday and was not very successful! the only thing I bought was a necklace! I was in Suzy Shier trying on some stuff (not sure why I bothered to try there!) and while I was struggling to button up a pair of their biggest size of dress pants, I hear from a near by dressing room "can I get this in a size 1?" I was not impressed!! hahaha!
anyway, you might already know this but Payless has size 11's.
Glad you're liking you partylite! I hope that it continues to be successful for you!
Have a good week!
-Hillary :)

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