Thursday, December 04, 2008

And I'm Off...Wait...Didn't I just....yeah.... i'm leaving again...home? Where is that?...

Yeah, that is how I feel. I always just say, "Ok, I will be busy until _____ and then I will relax and organize myself. It just doesn't happen! ARGH! I just want to be at home!! But I keep making plans and getting invited to events...:( My house is so unoranized and I just hate it! At work and so organized and I try to keep things tidy, it is the total opposite at home.

Even tonight I thought I would be home, but then I got invited somewhere and I had to do a bunch of other little things. I just feel so crazy all the time. I always have a million things lined up that I have to do. I JUST NEED A BREAK!

My friend and I are going on a shopping weekend to the US tomorrow. I am excited for hanging out with friends, but I am not sure what I am going to buy! I really have no clue. Maybe some bath and body works stuff. That's about it. I plan on sleeping in everyday this weekend! LOL

I have went to bed early the past two nights, and it felt really good to have that much sleep! I should really try it more often.

I am also stressed about making a life decision. Where should I work? Should I work part time (Eric thinks i should), but can we afford that? Is that being selfish to work Part time when I can work full time? I dunno. I could probaby take one whole day just thinking about stuff in my life.

Hmmm... this was a depressing post... sorry...

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. said...

not so much depressing. it just made me think "maybe you should take a day off to think/pray about all of this". maybe a day-solo? just an idea. and maybe working part-time would be a great idea! pray about it. if you feel God's leading to go for it, then that means he will provide financially! he doesn"t do anything half-way (like lead you to work less, but then not follow through)

i love you,

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