Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye Gimli Vet

December 29, 2008
Dear Lisa, Eileen and staff:

I am writing this letter to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as RAHT at Gimli Veterinary Services, effective two weeks from this date.

This was not an easy decision on my part. I have enjoyed my two and a half years working with everyone, and I loved taking care of all the animals. I will definitely miss everything !

I would like to thank you for taking a chance on me, a brand new AHT with not much experience or confidence. I have learned so much from everyone and have sharpened my skills as well as gained new ones. I have appreciated all the freedom and flexibility you have given me. It was awesome of you to give me 3 months off! I would also like to thank everyone for their patience with me as I was learning; you were always encouraging and forgiving when I made mistakes.

I have decided to take a job that is closer to home and that has fewer hours. This will give me more time for my family, my animals, my hobbies and myself.

I wish everyone all the best in the future. I will continue bringing my animals to Gimli Veterinary Services as I have full confidence in all the staff and hope to keep up our friendships.

Lindsey Dueck
Registered Animal Health Technologist


Sheila said...

I know how hard it is to actually do it. Congrats Lindsey, way to make a tough but probably a great decision for yourself!

. said...

congrats, lindsey! i can see how this will be life-changing. what is the "closer-to-home-with-fewer-hours" job? be blessed as this new chapter begins!

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