Monday, December 15, 2008

USA Shopping Trip!

I was going to post about this on the weekend, but my internet was not working!! ARGH!! Anyways....

Our shopping trip was lots of fun! I was really glad to get away with girl friends for a change! Sarah and Chantal met me in Gimli right after work and we only had one goal, get across the border ASAP. The roads were not great, especially in the city, so that slowed us down a bit. We told Sheri we were not stopping to pick her up, and we didn't! LOL! We got across the border at 7:21 with no problems, despite Sheri looking at guilty as a fox!

I thought I knew where our Super 8 was, but when we passed one on the way into town I wasn't so sure! Instead of worrying about it, we found our way to the Red Pepper, a local fast food place on campus. We all had Grinders:
They were amazing, until the last couple bites. Sheri and I tried to finish Sarah's second half, but we were way to full. It makes me gag just looking at one right now.

Then it was off to the hotel! Which was NOT where I thought it was. Sarah was sweating in her boots, but I knew how to get us there. We just had to turn around on a little emergency access road off the interstate! I am glad I spotted the Super 8 coming in to town cause it was the right one! We went to sleep pretty early that night!

The next morning we work up and shopped for 9 hours straight! With only 1 stop for lunch and one for Starbucks! We had gotten lots done and had lots of fun!

The next day we didn't have much planned. I tried to sleep in as late as I could! We sat in Starbucks for a while, waiting for 12 when the stores opened. We went to a shoe store, then to the mall, then to Gordmans. Gordmans was lots of fun! These pictures explain everything!

We were trying to kill time! After that we went to Target, Wendy's and then home! Our total US experience was 48 hours and 25 minutes long! Actually it was the first time Chantal has ever been in the US!! I can't wait until the next girls trip!


Jobina said...

What a loot!!! How did you fit all of that in the car on the way back??!!

Sarah Boaz said...

Jobina, that was only round one, we added to it the next day! Luckily we all packed super light, it all fit into Lindsey's car!
Those pictures are super special! What a fun weekend! In fact I woke Jay up the next night because I was laughing in my sleep!

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