Saturday, January 17, 2009

House #4 - and our goal!

I know! But I can't stop looking at them! We really love this one. It is pretty much perfect! They had some interior photos to look at as well that we really liked. We of course would want to change a few things. We would take out the fireplace in the dining room. We would probably make the keeping room (what is that anyways) into the family room and make the media room into a laundry/pantry/ storage space/breakfast nook. Upstairs we would change the laundry room into a walk in closet. And there doesn't need to be two bathrooms for the other bedrooms. we would just have one.
I think this plan is a little more realistic than the rest. It is smaller already, but we could always make it smaller too. It doesn't have to be as spacious as the plan says. I just really like the layout of it. Plus we would want a finished basement. The porch on the outside makes it look bigger than it actually is! Take the porch away and it really isn't that big of a house. I love the porch though!
I love dreaming! But our goal is to build a house in 4-5 years. We will stick it out in this old, crappy trailer until then. If it lasts that long!


Jobina said...

Friends of my parents have a bathroom that is joined to two bedrooms. The sinks and toilets are off each room and each of those can access the middle room which had yet another toilet and a tub. It was a great idea, although, maybe just as much work and money. Gorgeous house!

Lindsey Dueck said...

That isn't a bad idea actually. I would maybe just do a middle room with a tub and toilet and two sinks on either side of the room, instead of having three toilets.

The more I look at this house the more I love it!

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