Thursday, January 01, 2009


2008- I will probably never look fondly back on 2008. I cannot say it was a good year. Of course good things happened and I was not miserable all year.

It started off good. We were in Paris, living in a cute little apartment for a week! It was lots of fun. But then on the way to London I got a horrible sore throat and a day after that my wisdom teeth became very painful. They stayed that way the whole time in London, and paid medication only dulled the pain a bit. It was brutal. I was not able to enjoy London very much, especially not the food. Everytime I ate it would sting where my wisdom teeth were coming in!

Then we had to fly home from Europe and go back to work. We had NO money left over. And we started the year with a lot of debt from the trip. ( Even so, I would never have stayed home. Especially cause it was paid off in a matter of months). I had to get my wisdom teeth out, and that cost over $1000, a week after we got home! Rough. Not a great way to start out a year.

2008 was also full of sorrow. I greived with family, friends and my church many times this year. I wish I could just take all of 2008 back and start again, with the knowledge of what would have happened. But I can't. And God knows what he is doing, and even in the middle of tragedy I have seen good. I have seen a little bit of His plan makes sense. But life still seems so unfair sometimes.

It was also a year of dissapointment for Eric and I. Some things we were planning did not work out at all. And I know it is all out of my hands and I must be patient. God will do things according to His own plan and not mine. He knows alot more than me anyways! Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord...

Over easter Fleury had her babies and she lost 5 of the 7 in 4 days. My life was a blur over that time.

Of course good things happened! Two of my friends got married! It is so nice to have more married couples around. We feel less like black sheep now! LOL. I got to go to camp finally! There was a new baby in my family! I had lots of healthy puppies to share my love with. My horse moved home! We got a new car! I grew closer to God!

We ended the year at Jay and Sarah's place. It was fun! I brought my raclette. It was delish and everyone loved it. I found Provolone cheese that was AMAZING for the raclette. It is so good. I won two games of Blokus in a row, getting rid of all my pieces both times! LOL. We played a hilarious game of Apples to Apples. Beets will never be the same again. LOL. It was a good night. The countdowns are nothing exciting ever. Hard to beat ringing in the New Year with thousands of people on the Champs Elysses in Paris, watching the Eiffel tower sparkle at midnight!

As for 2009, I hope it is a better year. My resolution is usually the same, and I never do it.But this year HAS to be different. It just has to. I would like to not buy any more unhealthy food. I might still eat it, but I will NOT buy it for myself. And I want to stick to the schedule I made for myself. Honestly, I really want to get healthy before I have babies! I don't want to just go on a diet, I want to have a healthy lifestyle. It is a scary though, weening out all the unheathly favorties, but it needs to be done! Pray for me! I know for a fact I can't do it under my own strengh. I had failed too many times. I need His help!

I pray that everyone will have a wonderful year! May God bless you and keep you!


Stacey said...

I will be praying for you Lindsey. Changing the way you eat is huge, and very hard to just 'do it'. I find for myself that it helps to make a menu plan for the week BEFORE I go shopping, and then just buy what I need to make those meals. Then I always know what I'm making that day, and I can just take out the ingredients I need. It makes my life soooo much simpler, and it only takes like an hour or so to plan everything.

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hey Stacey!
I was actually thinking about that today! That Eric and I should sit down and make a meal plan for the week! It would make it easier for me to cook as well!! Thanks!

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