Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Turkey Whisperer

Today was day two of my new job at the barn! It is going pretty good! I LOVE being off at 2, it is awesome. So far I have not been home to enjoy it yet, but tomorrow I will be!

Yesterday I had a Partylite Mystery Hostess party. 25 people showed up! It was great! But I am pretty sure I lost money on it though, cause not even half the people ordered. I think next time I will not spend so much on the gifts that I give everyone. I booked some shows from it though, so hopefully I can get some money from those!

I also went back to the clinic today, to get my puppies' dewclaws removed. It was kinda weird being there, knowing I am not working there anymore! LOL. I was going to post something more interesteding, but my house is a total disaster and I cannot focus on anything till I clean it up a bit.....

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Jay Boaz said...

I think you should change your blog name to "The Turkey Whisperer". :)

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