Friday, January 23, 2009

A Shelter - My Dream!

Lately I have been thinking alot about having a dog rescue. I love dogs so much, and I see so many without good homes. Some also have a hard time finding homes because they are untrained or have little quirks about them. I would like to change that. I want to have a shelter that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and finds them a new home. It would be so fun, challenging and rewarding.

There are many things I will need to get this place up and running. First of all I will need a house, there is no way it is starting at this trailer. I would like to build a kennel and a fenced in area they can run and play in. I would need to have several different fences for the dogs that don't get along. I would need to take some dog training courses, and get qualified somehow. I haven't really looked into it yet but I know I want to do this. I still need to research this alot and see what needs to be done to get this off the ground. I have told Eric about it already, and he had no objections! He thinks it is a good idea. And of course I would need money, but I have plans for that already too! I am so excited about it!


Anonymous said...

how can you dream it, if you can't spell it....just

Lindsey Dueck said...

spell what??

Stacey said...

Awe, some people just love to stir the pot. Cause trouble. So annoying. Go away anonymous.

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