Sunday, April 19, 2009

12 Year Old Me

When I was out at my Mom's place this weekend, I started to clean out some of the boxes I have there. I came across my journal that I wrote when I was 11-13, mostly when I was 12. WOW. I am ever different! I felt like I was reading the journal of someone else! I wrote so openly about everything. I cared deeply about such petty things. It is mostly about boys and the boys I thought were cute and that I liked. It is kinda funny to read about liking one boy one day, hating him the next, then liking him again 2 days later. LOL! It is funny to read me talking about liking Eric Dueck, and talking about getting married and my future husband. Little did I know the two would be the same! I also had such a low self esteem. I just hated myself, it breaks my heart to read it! Reading that journal makes me SO thankful for Jesus' love. I am so glad He saved me from that life. I am so glad He set me free. All of my worries and burdens I can pass onto His shoulders! PRAISE HIM! :)

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