Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Key

Imagine you "borrow" someone else's car without asking. But this person doesn't even own the car. They are just borrowing it. You let a 15 year old student drive the car to town, everything goes pretty smoothly. You rent a movie and a tonne of treats. You get back to the car and watch the driver put the wrong key in the door, the ignition key. SNAP. They key breaks in the lock. Panic ensues. You pick the key shard out of the lock and race to the local hardware store to get a replacement, praying all the way. The key master highly doubts that the new key she made for you will work, broken keys rarly do she informs us. You race back to the car and try the new key in the ignition, praying still. You turn the key and rejoice at the grumbling of the engine! Crisis averted. You decided it is best if you drive back.


Dayna said...

care to expand? you've got me might curious

Dayna said...

make that *mighty curious* oops! :)

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