Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crisis Averted

It seems the Icelandic River as lowered by 5-6 feet, so Riverton narrowly escaped being flooded! Sandbagging was a cool experience. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there. Most of them I have never seen before in my life. People were working as fast as they could. People were handing out hamburgers and hot dogs and drinks and snacks to anyone who wanted them!Apparently this whole mess could have been avioded if they had blasted the ice a couple weeks ago like they had the past two years! The problem was not the amount of water but the fact the ice was all jammed up!

Today the sun is hiding from me again, so I am thinking I will spend the day sewing! There is a craft show is a couple weeks I am setting up a booth at, and I would like to have as many blankets as possible made So far I have two. LOL . That is bad...

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