Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Babies?

Today we took Conan, our last boy Irish Setter puppy to the airport and flew him to BC! I was SOOOOO nervous to send him on a plane all alone. I got the call about an hour ago that he made it there and he is ok! YAY!

Eric came with me to the city. I was so glad to have help with Conan and company. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and got the soup salad and breadsticks. MMM Zuppa Toscana is the best soup ever! I only had one bowl though, then I was full! Then I went to Fabricland and spend far too much time in there. I bought a pattern for dresses that I will attempt to make for this summer. I would love to make a bunch of them for my little cousin Charlee. I bought some really cute fabrics for that as well! I will post pics when they are made. I am still working on sewing blakents for the craft show on Wednesday.

About 1/2 hour ago I sold another puppy! Flanna has a new family and 4 kids to play with!! Right now there is only 4 left, and after tomorrow, there will probably only be two! I can hardly beleive that! I am so happy they are all going to good homes and families that will give them the attention they deserve!

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Dayna said...

glad the puppy's flight went well! how many puppies were there to begin with? i forget.

have fun sewing the dresses!

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