Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Weekend So Far...

Yesterday Eric, Paris, Fleury, Conan, Flynns and I went out to Matheson Island. I had a Partylite show to do, and my mom wanted me to bring out two of the Irish Setter puppies. The ride there wasn't too great, the puppies got car sick! ARGH! We had a delish supper with my parents and then I went to my Partylite show. It was GREAT! There were 14 guests there and it was the 2nd best show I have ever done! YAY! I am so pumped!

The rest of the weekend we just spend hanging out with my parents. We kept the two Irish Setter pups inside and they were SO GOOD! They were pretty calm and they didn't wreck anything! Makes me want to have them out in our house more! I feel so bad for them stuck in that room! They really need homes that they can hang out in and a family to love them! They are such sweet puppies!

My house is SLOWLY getting cleaning. Today I finally went through all my instock Partylite stuff, as you can see from the previous post! I can't believe all the stuff I have. It is rediculous! I need to get it out of my house! I have been hoarding things away that I know I will not use for years, so some of the stuff I am selling I was planning to keep. But I just don't need all that right now. If I ever want it, I can just buy it again or buy something else. I will not die.

I would like to think that my house is slowly getting more organized. Lately I have been getting better at doing housework after work, so my house is staying a bit cleaner. The only problem is when I am busy for a few days in a row, then it becomes a tornado again! I have to learn how to stop that and keep my house clean even when I am in a rush!

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