Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Running: Week 2 of 10

Week 2 of the running schedule is run 1 minute, walk 1 minute x 10. So we run for a total of 10 minutes this week, with a shorter rest period. So far, so good. I still can't imagine running for 2 minutes straight next week will be easy, but we will cross that bridge when we get there! We still have 3 days left of this interval.

I love running. I love running first thing in the morning. So far we have had good weather each morning, no rain. We get up early enough that it is still cool. This morning we went at 730, it was still cool, but I think if we had gone any later it would have gotten warm. Running is a great way to start out my day.

With all this running, you would expect that I would be loosing weight. But no. The scale is staying the same (Eric and I FINALLY bought our own bathroom scale the other day, so now the readings will be consistent) I am still telling myself the weight loss will come with time, but being human, I need some immediate gratification! My diet is not great right now. I mean, eating a handful of chocolate chips, and when I mean a handful I mean as many chocolate chips as my greasy paw can possible hold on to at once, is not exactly conducive to weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. That is just not a habit I want to hold on to.

I am thinking of reading Thin Within again. I never really finished it last time, and I know I said I would take things one step at a time, but this eating needs to get reined back in! Or maybe I should wait a few weeks until I get the hang of this running thing.

I also need to start working my muscles. Running as cardio is great, but I know I need to weight train as well if I want to be as healthy as possible! I joined the gym in Gimli with a friend. I haven't gone yet, but I will tomorrow. I will probably only go for a month. I think it is kinda yucky, and I would rather do P90X at home. That way I know I am working all my muscles properly and not leaving anything out.

Does anyone know of a good Yoga DVD that I could try? The P90X one is 1.5 hours long and that is just too much for me at a time. 45 minutes would be perfect, but I could do an hour it if is really good.


Anonymous said...

Good job Lotta, I am so proud of you! Thanks also for sharing your stories with us..you know i am not one for "praying" but I have been for you. Eric and you would make GREAT parents, and I hope it all works out!

Remember weight is just a number, I'm sure even though you don't see it on a scale you feel better in many other ways!

Keep at it!

Love ME

Sarah Boaz said...

Hey, I have yoga dvds that i love, and am willing to share!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay,
Hang in there, I know it can be discouraging to see the number on the scale remain the same but remember that muscle weights more than fat!!! you are developing muscle by running, it took several weeks for me to see a change in the numbers (sorry:-() but they are falling slow but sure! Remember you didn't gain the weight overnight and losing it slowly means you have a better chance of keeping it off!! Cheers Diane T

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