Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wedding Rings

I haven't worn my wedding rings in weeks. Truth is that I was not really sure where they were. I thought for sure they were somewhere in my house. This past Saturday was the first real time Eric and I had looked for them. We didn't find them, but I wasn't too worried, I figured I would find them when I cleaned the house. Saturday and yesterday I prayed that I would find them. They have probably been missing for two months or so.

Today a co-worker, Coralee, walked up to me with a ring in her hand and asked if it was mine. Sure enough, it was my wedding band. She had just found it in the rubber door liner of our front loading washing machine! I had no idea they were even at work! I must have forgotten them in a scrub top pocket and they went through the machine. My engagement ring, however, was not in the liner. Nor was it under the machine or anywhere in the laundry room.

It just so happens that our washing machine had not been working great for the past couple days, so today the repairmen came to fix it. I told them that my wedding ring was possibly lost in the machine. He thought it was probabl y in the pump. I asked if my ring could be causing the problems, and he said no. He asked how badly I wanted my ring back, and I asked him how easy the pump was to get into. He said easy, so I said I wanted him to check for it. After all, it is worth more than the washing machine itself!

I thought he would come tell me right away when he found the ring, but when I went in to check on him, he was all done fixing it and I didn't think he had found it. Until he held it up and asked me if I wanted it back! OF COURSE I wanted to back! It was pretty dirty, and a bit tarnished! But I am just so thankful!

Now, I am amazed at the way God orchestrates things:
-had Coralee not found the first ring, I would never have known they were lost at work.
-had both rings been in the pump, I would NEVER EVER have found them.
-had our washing maching not been broken, the repairman would never have been there to retrieve my ring from the pump, nor would I have known it could even get into the pump.

Eric is now saying that we are getting them recoated with rodium so I don't have allergic reactions to them, and then I am never allowed to take them off. And he wants to buy me a chain to wear them around my neck if I ever need to take them off. This is not the first time I lost them. The first time I lost them in the turkey barn and Terry found them with a metal detector. I was lucky a turkey didn't eat them!

Thanks God, for caring about every little detail of our lives.


Jobina said...

Wow, so glad you found your rings! I thought and thought about why i the world Eric would want you to get a chair for your rings and then it occured to me...chain, she means a chain! :o)

Lindsey Dueck said...

Oh! haha, I always spell things wrong on this blog! :S

Dayna said...

and i didn't even notice the spelling mistake. haha!

so awesome to hear how God carefully tends to the little things! thanks for being faithful and sharing it to encourage our faith!

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