Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Journey To Fitness: Month 3

Pounds to goal: 69

Acceptable Goal: Do TurboFire 6 days a week for 90 days and loost 20 lbs by Christmas.
Challenging Goal: Run for 45 minutes at a time, run a 5K and not get last.
Ultimate Goal: Loose 71 lbs, win a 5K. To be active every day. To make exercise a habit that I stick to.

What changes I have made this month: I stopped running. It was getting too dark in the mornings, and I am scared of the dark! There was no way I was going to run in the dark! So I ordered TurboFire, which is kind of like Turbo Jam, but intensified and includes high intensity interval training, which is supposed to be the best for fat burning. Actually it is alot like the p90x program, but instead of being focused on building muscle, it focuses on burning fat. I have also started taking metformin again. That in combination with starting to read Thin Within again has helped me to loose the weight I gained back since going off metformin.

What I have learned this month: That I get bored if I don't have a challenging goal to meet. Running wasn't quite as fun when I didn't have a set goal to acheive! I did run for 26 minutes at a time though.

What I want to change next month: Finish reading Thin Within finally, commit to exercising 6 days a week and NOT sleeping through my alarm! I also want to start going to be earlier, because going to bet at 12 and getting up at 6 just isn't cool. I would love to be in bed sleeping by 10:30, I think that is reasonable! I also need to spend less time on the internet, mostly obsessing over my infertility and what I can do to cure it!

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