Monday, June 06, 2011

Fleury/Furla/ Stinky Feets/ Squints McGee/Puke Breath

Fleury got to come to soccer this evening, and then she came to our friends house to watch hockey for the evening. I don't take my dogs to friends places that often, but she is such a great dog. I never have to worry about her peeing/pooping in someone's house, or wrecking anything. She is so gentle and kind, and would never hurt a fly. Ok, she does enjoy beating up the puppies, but she has never and will never bite anyone. We drove all the way to Texas to get her, and she was worth every second of that drive. I have never regretted that trip for even one moment. Even Eric says that he loves her. Everybody loves Fleury and they are always offering to take her off my hands. I would never give her up. Not even for a billion dollars.

This picture depicts the typical Fleury "cringe and squint."

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Jennifer said...

She is very cute!

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