Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Turkey Tuesday, Sort Of

This is kind of a turkey tuesday. But only because it is about my husband, the turkey farmer!

Today (and everyday) I am so thankful to have such an amazing husband. I am blessed to have him as a strong Christian leader in our home. He is honest, patient, kind, compassionate and loyal. Not to mention very handsome. He gives a lot of his free time away to be on the camp board, do youth, and to coach soccer, and he always does it willingly and happily. He never expects a thank you, because he knows it's all for the Kingdom.

He is always supportive of me. He is my voice of reason. He is the strong and steady one. (As opposed to me being crazy and unpredictable)

He tells me I am beautiful everyday, especially when I am not feeling it myself.

Infertility has been hard on him, too. My very greatest wish is that I will be able to make him a father one day(soon), because I know he will be the best!

The Lord has blessed me far more than I deserve.

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Sarah said...

The title of your post made me laugh! Yes Eric will make a good dad, but you will be a great mom! Praying!

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