Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Jacket

Eric came home from camp a week ago with these 4 huge bags of lost and found. They were headed to the thrift shop.

I wanted to look through them but didn't have a chance. When I got home from work there was this beautiful turquoise rain jacket laying in a laundry basket in the kitchen. I tried it on, and it fit PERFECTLY. I asked Eric who's it was, and he said "Yours!". He had picked it out of the lost and found bags because he knew I would like it.

I was so pumped about my new jacket, but he warned me "You know you have to give that jacket back if someone calls looking for it."

Of course I knew that, but what are the odds someone will call about it if they haven't already.

I guess the odds are pretty good because a few days later someone called looking for that jacket. I was pretty heartbroken, but someone paid good money for that jacket and they deserved to get it back.

Fast forward to yesterday. After our spa experience Peggy and I decided to do some shopping. I wanted to go to Warehouse One because our other co-worker, Kyra, is always getting nice clothes from there, for cheap. Plus they were having a sale, 50% off all clearance items on the last ticketed price.

And there it was. My jacket. There was only one left. It was the exact size of the one I had at home. It was originally $40 marked down to $30 and now $15 with the sale. I had to buy it.

I tried to on again to make sure, and started second guessing myself. Do I really need another jacket? Did I really want it now that I had to pay money for it.

I told Peggy the story and she insisted I buy it. How could I not?

Like Eric said when I got home and showed him, it was meant to be.

So here it is, the jacket...


Dayna said...

what an awesome story! i love how everyone is happy in the end... the owner of the original jacket and now you, the owner of an awesome jacket that you love and got for an awesome deal! oh, and eric too... because now the blogger world knows what great taste he has! heehee

ps- you look incredible! i am just gonna come out and say it... i can tell you've lost even more weight in the last little while! way to go!!!

Jobina said...

I totally agree with Dayna...HOLY MOLY do you ever look awesome!!! oh yeah, and cute jacket too :)

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hehehe, you girls are funny! I actually think that the photobooth on my Mac takes off a few pounds! Cause I feel like haven't done much lately!

Either way, thanks so much! You make me blush. :)

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