Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Late Nights

I need to stop doing these late nights. I always have big dreams of going to be early, but they never come true. I am always finding myself busy doing something that I don't want to stop and they I don't just my eyes until 12 or after. That gives me less than 7 hours of sleep. I usually get 6.5 on an average night. That is just not enough! They do studies on these things for a reason. I would also like to get up and run in the mornings, but if I don't adjust my bedtime that means even less sleep!

Speaking of sleep, I need to start heading to be now....

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Dayna said...

i hear you lindsey! my goal during the week is to be in bed by 11:30 which often turns to 12 which often leads to sleeping longer than i wanted to in the mornings which means no run and a mad dash (which sounds like running but it's not as fun) to be ready in time for work... gotta get out of this cycle! maybe i should make my goal 10:30 so that i am in bed by by 11 at the latest!

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