Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 90 Day Challenge

I guess I should post an update on my 90 Day Challenge that I was doing.

I didn't complete it.

I got 60 days in and realized that it was the shake mix that was making me sick.

It is not that the mix is bad for you. In fact lots of friends and family have been feeling fantastic because of it.

It is because I have a milk intolerance. At first I thought I had a lactose intolerance, but the shakes don't have lactose and when I did have milk products, the Lactaid did nothing.

I have noticed that if I go without any dairy, my stomach feels fantastic. As soon as I eat a bit of cheese or drink some milk, it acts up.

I am totally crushed about this. I love the Visalus shakes. They were delicious, easy and they were saving me money. I am so glad they are working for so many other people and I *SO* wish that I could still drink them.

SO all in all the shakes didn't help me loose a whole lot of weight, but they did help me discover my milk intolerance. And I am thankful for that. 

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