Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back To Reality

I have had so many days off, it felt like I had a real holiday. I has to work wednesday and thursday last week but it felt like I hardly worked at all. Now I am back at work full time with no holidays in sight for a long time. Today I am in Arborg, but I think I will leave early because I still don't feel great. The vet is gone this afternoon anyways and there are no appointments. I really hope I got my Pet Edge order in the mail today. I have been waiting for a long time for that. My dogs' christmas presents were in there. And my clippers I ordered, there are a bunch of dogs that can't see because they have been waiting for my clippers to come. Poor things, lol. They said it would be here in 5 days but it has been more like 15. And i expected the christmas mailing rush to slow it down a bit, but not that much! Oh well!

Last night we went to Bryan and Kathleens for a few hours. Kathy made new years cookies that were very good, she even said it was ok for my to pick the raisins out. (Sheri make some for our new years party that had no raisins, they were ssooooooooo good, thanks so much Sheri!! or Luella, i think she made them) This was actually my first year ever eating them!

Yesterday I finished a baby quilt I have been working on. It is very cute. It has little sleeping giraffe's and maple leaves on it. The backround is brown and the middle is beige. It is going to be nice when it dries. My dryer has been taking forever lately. There must be something wrong with it. It take like 4-5 60 minutes cycles to dry stuff. We have even tried cleaning out the hose and everything. This is exactly what happened in out apartment in the city. We never complained about it until 3 weeks before we moved out. I only ever got to use our new dryer there once. But that thing was ancient, the one we have now is fairly new. I would say, at the very most 10 years, but I am no expert. Anyways, I have no idea who the quilt will be for I just like making it. I am going to start another one. This one just has paw prints on it. I hope it will be cute too. I am not sure though, maybe it will look like it is for animals. Oh well someone will like it. Time to go!!

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