Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So many new things!!

It has been forever since I have had something to write here. I haven't had a computer to be on since my laptop died and is going to cost me a fourtune to fix. So I guess we are just going to get a PC desktop until I can afford a MacBook. At work I have hardly had the time to go on the net either, this post might be a short one anyways. Even though I haven't written in so long and have so much to say my mind is blank, I can't figure out what to write.

Lois' wedding was this weekend. It was a good wedding and very beautiful. Lois also looked very beautiful , of course. And it was fun. Some wedding can get pretty boring, but this one was not at all. And the food was good. Eric, Sheri and I ate so much Corn Chowder we barely had room for the main course, which was chicken fingers. A very unique idea but i liked it. We didn't stay that late. I think we left around 7:30 when the couple was opening gifts. It is hard to imagine Lois married, I guess it is because I don't really know Jonathan and havn't really seen them together as a couple a whole lot. They are a good couple though, and they love eachother lots!

Yesterday I started a bunch of new things, and I was just in a cleaning/renovate my house right now mood. I went to co-op and spend 100 bucks on rubbermaid containters and storage units and cleaning supplies. I never got go clean up my house yesterday though. I finally got my pet edge order a week ago. So yesterday I went to my Auntie Janie's and groomed her cocker spaniel, Belle. It took me over 2 hours. Longer than I thought it would but she looked pretty good after. I was proud of myself that she looked half decent and it was the first dog I have ever done. So in the evening I thought I would clean and organize the house. But my cousin Kevin called and wanted his dog groomed. So they brough her over and it took me almost 2 hours to do her. She also looked pretty good. I am starting to get the hang of this grooming thing. I guess tonight I will start to organize our spare room. It is a disaster right now! Just hideous. It has been left for so long and now I am tired of it. I can't wait to get it all cleaning up. That room really needs a closet. And a new floor (light colored bamboo) and paint ( thai grass and a yellow to match) and new blinds (bamboo), but that will be the last (or second last) room that we redo.

I am really itching to get our kitchen done. I want to paint the walls a deep yellow color with a venitian plaster finish. And I want a new bottom cupboards by the sink and oven because they are gross and I don't want to keep anything in there. And a new light fixture. That one is broken and gross. lol.

In the bathroom I want new cupboards, one the goes to the ceiling and that had room for towels (all our towels are stored in our bedroom right now. And a new sink and tub and fixtures because the ones in there are yellow and gross. I want white. And I want to paint the walls blue, a nicer blue that what is in there now. And I want a new light fixture because the one in there is gross. The floors and the toilet are the only things that can stay in that bathroom.

In my bedroom I want laminate floors and to paint the walls red. And to get a dresser. And an area rug. And replace the windows because they are gross. Actually the whole trailer needs new windows. We might have to get new ones in the summer because these ones we have let soooooo much cold in. Our hydro bill is through the roof! Might as well burn the place down and get a new one. LOL!

Wow! I wrote alot! Time to go!

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