Monday, January 22, 2007

New Compy

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH, I am watching the stupidest movie in the world with eric, andrew and dahlen. It is called the protector. A 250 pound man just swung a huge, probably 1000 pound, baby elephant around buy it's hips and threw it. ENOUGH SAID!

I have mostly been on the net searching for a male chihuahua. If anybody knows of one please tell me. I need to buy a stud for my females. He has to be under 4lbs,. I would love him to be 3.5 pounds that would be perfect. Eric might go to minneapolis this weekend so i was looking at what was for sale there. There is a bunch of puppies there but I am not sure if I am going.

We bought a new computer today. The total bill came to $666.66, so I made Andrew change it. It is so cute and tiny, And I signed up for dial-up internet. I AM GOING TO DIE. I haven't used that slow of internet in such a long time. It is going to suck. At least we will have something. It is time to go though!

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