Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cleaning, Cleaning All My Days

So today I am home alone for the evening, and all I am going to do is clean. It feels like I am constantly cleaning the house and it is never getting any cleaning. I acutally think it is getting messier! Only I could achieve that kind of success. My cleaning has been really random though, and thats why I think nothing looks done. I need to focus on one room and finish it before I move onto the next room. I think I will start at the living room and make my way down the hall until I get to my bedroom. It will take me days probably.

I finished the quilt for my mom's friend on time! And she called me today to thank me and said she loved it! So thats good. Yesterday when we were in the city I bought some more fabric to make a really cool green quilt for my cousin morgan. I am so excited about it. I want to start it right now!! We wanted to have a quick trip to the city but that never happens. We bought some paint for our kitchen. Eric might go to the states with Andrew this weekend so I think I am going to try to paint the kitchen on my own. I hope it will turn out good.

I am starting to get a little frustrated with my job. For the first part, I hardly get paid anything. And secondly they hinted today that they want me to start working every saturday. I really don't want to do that. I just want a regular job that I can work Monday - Friday without feeling guilty. I worked my share of weekends for a long time. When I worked in Hecla I missed alot of fun stuff with friends because I always had to work. It really sucked. I just want a summer while I am still young and don;t have kids that I can do stuff with my friends on weekeneds. At least I never have to work Sundays. Well I should get back to cleaning now.

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. said...

so, how did the cleaning go? hope you were oober-succesful! so next w/e is painting time, hey? i think i'll be around all w/e (@ least i can't remember having any plans, but you knwo how sometimes things come up, but so far it looks wide open) so give me a call if you want some help/company... also, if you're home alone or bored this week give me a call! also, if you wanna get out of the house instead, you can come on over since i'm "baching it" this week

love you,

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