Sunday, April 15, 2007


Maybe instead of three beautiful things i should post three funny things that happen to me everyday. Laughing makes me happy.. So here is one...LOL!

I am stitting alone in my house, with my three dogs and all of a sudden i hear... ffttttt....ffttttt. bweep....fttttt.... and within seconds a foul stench fills my nostrils and I am choking for fresh air. No.... it is not my own farts, but the audible farts of a 50 lb Irish Setter in the room. SO GROSS. You are not supposed to hear dog farts, they are supposed to be silent but deadly. All day she has been farting like this, and it is really bizzare, but hillarious. After the last episode I had a good belly laugh at her, farting away... Poor dog, is probably sick or something and I am making fun of her. Anyways, thats all for now! Wow...I am a doddler... i should really be working on there interviews already!


. said...

hahaha! 3 Funny Things isn't such a bad idea! mine for today would have to be:

1. stalling my car at my parent's house... i mean, that's so 11 months ago! mom and i laughed
2. after filling gas, the guy forgot to snap my back wiper back down so i drove for about an hour w/ it sticking out a few inches. eveyr so often i'd look back in my mirror and laugh
3. mixing up the words 'bum' and 'brother' while in line for lunch... don't tell nolan! tee hee hee

Jobina said...

I love this idea! When your kids fart it isn't nearly so funny, it's just bad manners! Maybe Mauve needs to take the Activia two week challenge?! ;)

Sarah Boaz said...

HAHAHA!! This made me laugh, and I needed it so thank you!!
I hope our weeks don't get too crazy too! I would love a chance to get together!

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