Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am going to puke!

Right now I am trying to choke down a curves protien shake. They are so gross, the smell of them makes me gag, it reallly does. So I plug my nose and take the biggest sip I can and try not to tase it... I don't know how I will ever drink another one. Oh wait! i just thought of something, one woman at the six week challenge meeting said to try putting instant coffee in, to make a mocha without adding anything, so I am going to try it right now! Urgh... it doesn't really help. Oh well.

My poor Paris, yesterday she must have gotten into something, cuz her lips and her eyelids were really red and swollen. I have benadryl for her, but you have to fight her to get her to take it. It helped a little bit and she looked good in the morning. But when I got home today she looked horrible again. But this time her lips were just a little swollen. But also her ears are all red, she has little bumps on her head, her neck is red and swollen (one spot it looks like she had one big jowel.) and she is scratching and she is really depressed. I gave her some more benadryl today so she is more comforatble. But I will take her to work tommorow to see whats up with her.

Today was pretty rough, which is becoming a common places lately. It seems that I just can't avoid working overtime no matter how hard I try! Sometimes I just want to go home! today I didn't get home until after 8 because i worked almost an hour extra and went to curves and went grocery shopping. I really wanted to go for a walk with eric but it was already getting dark when I got home... two days is a row already we couldn't go for a walk. Maybe Thursday will work! I was really upset when the clock showed after 6 at work. This kept going wrong (spilling water and food all over, animals peeing all over their kennels, etc) everything a new thing when wrong today, some tears sqeauked out of my eye. But I still forced myself to go to curves and it was great. I weighed myself first........ and I was VERY suprised. The scale said i lost 5 pounds since wednesday lat week.... WOW... that was very unexpected. It made me soooo pumped! I worked out so hard at curves and i felt so good after! I was so happy when I got home, even after my bad day.. I cried on the way home thought, partly because i had a bad day and was so filled with emotion, but mostly because i was so happy. Ijust felt so filled with happiness on the way home, happiness about everything. It was the closest I have felt to God in such a long time. So I cried, and prayed and thanked God for making things go great and taking away my worries for a while. So I decided to make today's three beautiful things!!

1. Watching the scale at Curves and suprisingly moving the balance lower and lower until it finally told me that my weight was 5 pounds less then wednesday!
2. Seeing 4 gorgeous deer, prancing throught the ditch with their tails as white as snow!
3. Eating a delicious Maple Turkey Salad that tastes more like junk food than diet food! (I think I will post the recipie later because it is so good and everyone has to try it.)


Anonymous said...

WhooHOO...Good for you on the 5 pounds...keep it up!

Stacey said...

Hope you're around this weekend! Keith, Rowan and I will be in church on Sunday.

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