Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Santa and The Easter Bunny Suck!

I was thinking today on the way home ( i think alot while I am driving. Actually sometimes I get so into my thinking I forget I am driving!) and a question came to my mind that made me really angry. Why are both the major Christian holidays represented in our society by fictional charaters. Santa takes away from what christmas really is, and the easter bunny takes away from easter. Who's idea was it to do this? Just because some st. nick guy gaves presents to a bunch of poor kids doesn't mean he gets to take over Christmas.... And the easter bunny? He makes even less sense...... i don't even know where to start. Where did he come from? so stupid....


I am going to steal an idea from Dayna! (thanks babe!! lol) Here are my days Three Beautiful Things!!:

1. Watching a vicious toy poodle almost swallowing a tongue depressor! Ok, maybe it is not that beautiful, but it sure caused me and two coworkers (including a vet!) to be rolling on the floor and crying with laughter, and laughter is beautiful. Why was he swallowing a tongue depressor?? Well i groomed him today, while he was under anesthetic, and when he woke up we realized i missed some long hairs by his mouth. I tried to cut it with scissors but he attacted them when I stuck them through the cage. So Maryann pulled his leash tight against the kennel door and Wendy thought she would distract him with a tongue depressor so i could cut it off. Within a second of sticking the wood stick in his face... he attacted it and it was halfway down his throat. We all screamed! and wendy quickly pulled it out. The best part was some of the hair that was sticking out was stuck in the shards of the stick... so we half accomplished our goal!
2. Going for a walk with Eric, Fleury and Maeve. It was nice out, our dogs had fun, we exercised and we had a good talk! We also walked in the field and planned my horse fence a bit!
3. Watching Fleury, my 4 lb chihuahua, swallow a slice of garlic sausage whole, 5 times in a row. I have no idea how she does it, but she doesn;t chew at all. She just swallows! The piece is bigger than her mouth, it just baffles me, but it is funny to watch so we gave her lots. I am sure she will be sick later now....lol!


Jobina said...

Great beautiful things Lindsey! And very visual!
As for the holidays, Christmas actually used to be called Saturnalia and is a pagan holiday. You can probably google it and get the history. Easter, I'm not sure. I do know this though, we Christians are notorious for taking pagan holidays and Christianizing them. It's always a battle, but maybe if we struggle with it, it makes us think about it more and take it to heart. At least it does for me! If you do find out the history, I'd be very curious to know!

Unknown said...

It is always a battle...the Easter Bunny was originally a way to help children identify with 'new life' at Easter...distorted by pagan man. Even the Cross is being distorted (have you seen the chocolate replica on the web...a little sacreligious).
I believe St.Nick was a 'christian' who was trying to switch attention from 'Saturnalia' to a more 'christian' pursuit of giving and honoring Christ...(for pete's sake we don't even know what time of year Christ was born). I tell my kids about the real St.nick instead of Santa because the original St.Nick was trying to focus on what we should be focusing on at Christmas...the giving...Christ...his gift.
We need to battle...keep claiming ALL days of the year for Him. The Easter Bunny is a great story for children...if the focus is on new life...not chocolate. (Though it is a yummy way to tell the truth)

. said...

nice 3BT! as jobina said- very visual! hope you have fun 'flying solo' this w/e! i mean that! do something you haven't done in a long while... play music eric doesn't like... or maybe pamper youself a little- have a bubble bath, paint your nails... i dunno- have some fun! if you need some help w/ that you should give me a call (not saturday though, i'm gone all day) also- is c&c this sunday or next? i'm confused...

much love,
ps- i also commented on the post before this. thought i'd point you in that direction...

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