Thursday, April 12, 2007

Paris is back!....

Today after work I went and picked up Paris! I am happy to have her back, i missed her! She was so happy to see me! She has put on some pounds, I think she likes to overeat when she is away from me, cuz she always comes back chubby! So far she is NOT excited about Maeve. I didn't think she would be. Right now it is kind of stressing me out. I have had a long day, and listening to Paris condtantly growling and having to constantly tell them to stop it, leave it alone, get out of there, Maeve get off the couch is giving me a headache. My house is also a mess so that doesn't help, and Eric is gone. I just need to sleep right now... hopefully tommorow will be better.

I went to my first Curves 6 week challenge meeting yesterday. It was good, and I am excited about doing it! The girls there are really helpful, alot of them have done it before, so they have lots of tips and stuff. And they all say if you stick to it, it really works. One girl even said that it is impossible to not loose weight if you stick to the plan completely. Tommorow I am starting the diet. I already made all my food for my breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch tommorow. You are basically eating all the time on this diet. You have 5 small meals a day, so you never feel hungry, there is not alot of food there, but I think I can do it!


I love them but they are just relentless, everybody is being bad right now. Maeve is being especially bad, jumping on the leather couches, putting her paws of the counter. If everyday is like this, she has to go to a new home. I don't want Paris to stress out and loose her babies, I have to be really careful of that. I should go cut up my canteloupe and go to bed. I really need Eric right now, and of course he has to be 1400 km away......

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Jobina said...

If there's not a lot of food and you feel like you have to have more, eat more veggies and drink your water! It really helps! Sometimes though, the calorie restrictions are too crazy. I cannot stick to a 1200 calorie diet. I do too much in a day! It's all relative to your output right? Calories=energy. Too little calories=no energy. Be healthy and realistic for you! Oh, I was going to tell you too. The other day I HAD to have something in the evening for a treat, so I stole one of the kids snacks! You know those minigo yogurts? Stick a spoon in there and toss them in the freezer. They make awesome yogurt pops! mmm...yogurt pops

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