Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daffodils, Motivation, Personal Money and Horsey Smells

This week I bought two bunches of Daffodils from the Canadian Cancer Society. I love them. They are so beautiful. I always try to buy some every year, but some year it passes by without me remembering. I am so glad it didn't this year. I love having fresh flowers on my table, but that is not very often, so what better the occasion than supporting a good cause. I will post some pictures when my compy is fixed.

This weekend I have again motivated myself for the next week. I have already been outside for 3 hours today, and I still have to walk home! It feels great. I am also setting the goal of going to Curves everyday this week before work. I will do it and I can do it and I have to do it. My motivation this time was shopping, forgetting what size I was cause I hadn't been shopping for pants in like 6 months, and bringing 5 pairs of one size too small jeans to the dressing room and getting all undressed only to realize they are too tight. ARGH. I also there is alot of clothes out there I would LOVE to buy, but I just don't fit anything nice. So this summer is the time to fit them! This is rediculous, I can't stay this shape forever. It is not very attractive.

On another note, I LOVE the concept of having personal money. It means I can spend the money whatever what I want to, it is worked into the budget and it doesn't affect anyone else! It is like guilt free shopping. I don't have to feel guilty later that I spent more money on myself then Eric got to, cause it used to be that way and it was very unfair. Mark and Jobina introduced us to this idea, and I must say, it is brilliant! But I only have 15 bucks left this month from it now, cause I went a little crazy!

I just spend a lot of time with my horse and cleaning out her pen with Kathleen. I forgot how wonderful my horse is, she is so sweet and gentle. I can't wait to start riding her again! I hope to ride her way more this year than last year! Now I smell like a horse and it is beautiful.

Another wonderful thing about today is Eloa's homemade chocolate cake. It is the most delicoius thing I have ever had in my life. Whenever she askes what dessert I would like, I always say that. I just had like 4 pieces cause I can't resist it. She is the best cook in the world. It is really hard to live up to that. Poor Eric had to downgrade when we got married. At least he is a good sport and tell me my food is good, even if it isn't that great. I love that guy lots!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great way to start your go girl!!

Jobina said...

Doesn't that personal money feel good? We don't give each other much, but we give something, and I really don't know how I'd live without it! This month I really wanted to get the kids a game for Easter so I did it with my money so that I didn't put us over budget. That money is good for a lot of things!

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