Friday, March 21, 2008


Here I am, sitting at work on Easter Friday. I just collected a bunch of supplies for the babies. 5 of them are not doing so great. I need to give them sub q fluids and tube feed them if I have any hope of them making it. I hope they are still all alive when I get home. I am so scarad, worried, stressed. Paris' litter went so well, and Fleury's is looking so grim. At least Mom is doing ok, and I will have at least 1 puppy after all this. But to lose so many. I have already bawled a few times. But I am trying to tell myself this is how it goes, if I want to be a breeder I have to take the bad with the good, but it is still hard to lose such a tiny beautiful life. I need to get home and try my best for these little guys...

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Jobina said...

Oh Lindsey, I really hope that they are ok! I just loved that picture of one of them in the palm of a hand. They're so tiny and helpless. I'm so glad to hear Fleury is doing well.

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