Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Love Spring, But I Miss My Husband!

Today was sooo beautiful! It feels soooo much like Spring! Everything is melting and the sun was shining. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to dance and sing! Too bad I have to spend most of the day inside! I try to go for a walk at lunch though when it is this nice.

I miss Eric... We have been so busy lately we haven't had much time to spend together. We see each other in the morning, maybe eat supper together, and then get ready for bed together. We are so busy with youth, C&C, meetings, cleaning, family get togethers, events, going over to friend's places, grooming dogs, etc. In Europe I got so used to spending everyday with him, not just sitting around, but doing stuff. It was so much fun. You would think 3 straight months together would want us to spend as much time apart as possible when we get home, but I think it is the opposite, for me anyways. I LOVED spending everyday together like that. It was so much fun and I think it was a really good bonding time. It really strengthened our relationship. Of course there were stressful times that we got upset with each other, but it was less often than I expected. Now I just crave that time of hanging out and doing stuff. We need to do something together, but it is not going to happen for a long time. Every weekend is busy until April now... I just need my husband!

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Jobina said...

Awww...that would be quite the transition I'm sure! I hope you guys can find a little time somewhere just to hang out.

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