Monday, March 03, 2008

Do I or Don't I?

I know the answer is "Do I", but I just don't feel like it... EVER! I am trying to decide whether or not to go to Curves after work. I don't want to, but I know I should. I would rather get home early and take my dog for a walk, but I might not even do that! My life changes had been a whole lot harder that I had hoped, but I knew they would not be easier. I am eating healthier stuff, but I am still tempted by Eatmore bars, hot chocolate and all kinds of yummy desserts. I mainly drink water, but lately I have had a few too many Pepsis. IT IS SO HARD and I am soooo struggling with it. I still want to loose weight and feel healthier by summer. I want to spend more on a dress. But so far there has been no progress... I have felt way more organized since I have got home from Europe, but I feel like that is starting to unravel as well. The busyness has come back and so has my craving for staying home as much as possible. This week there is something up pretty much everynight. Only Tuesday is free, but Eric isn't home then either so I will feel lonely... Oh! What's a girl to do?

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Anonymous said...

If you're having trouble with motivation to go to the gym, why not see if anyone from work would like to go with you? Having a work-out buddy makes things a lot easier.


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