Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Birthday List!

Usually when people ask me what I want for my b-day, I can't think of anything. But this year I have thought of a few things! The only problem is that they are all pretty expensive! Not that I HAVE to get them or need to get them but it is nice to dream! I don't want you to think I am greedy, I just need a place to write them down so I don't forget about them! And they are so cool I want to share them with you!

1. Roomba Vacuum. The most amazing thing every. It will automatically clean everyday while I am at work so I don't have to, and I will always have clean floors when I get home. I want it so bad! It would be so nice for all the pet hair. I am already saving my money for it!

2. Fancy Plates. I have always wanted some nice plates. We only have Corelle plates that do not look fancy at all, they are cute, but not nice. I would love square. So I saw a Corelle commercial the other day, and I checked out the website today. They have lots of nice looking plates! That are square! I already have my design picked out! Well, I am trying to decide between this one, this one, this one, and this one. I also really really like this one but it is almost too girly, though, for Eric's sake. Eric's favorite is this one. How do you ever pick?!?! I don't know how. I really want something that is not too modern so I can have it for a long time, but I also want something stylish. Plus they are Corelle, so I know they will be durable and strong. Which ones do you like the best??

I also want riding boots, a riding helmet, and a saddle but I was so excited about the other two that I wanted to share them for you!


Anonymous said...

I love the swirly dots...very cute!
Corelle lasts FOREVER, good choice if you go that way. I personally love to get cheaper ones from STOKES etc. so that I don't have to feel guilty buying fresh new styles every 6 years or so.

Anonymous said...
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