Monday, August 10, 2009

Midway Bible Camp

Right now I am driving in Ontario, heading for Quebec city! Well, I am not physically driving! But I am getting bored!

Midway Bible Camp was definately an interesting experience! The camp is in a beautiful location, and has it's own lake, filled with fish! The camp is older and pretty run down, because they don't actually own the place. They are borrowing it from a mining company and it can be taken away from them with as little of two months notice! Hence why pumping money into renos is not worth it. They have some pretty nice log cabins though.
There is no indoor toilets, only outhouses. They have no hydro, they get all their energy from a diesel generator. They have a shower house with pretty nice showers. All the cooking is done by propane.

It was a good week. I was helping out in the kitchen, which was actually not that much work. I really enjoyed watching our youth interact with the campers! They did an awesome job. The midway staff was awesome. They were really good to us and they have a passion for that ministry.

It was VERY different than BCBC. MBC was run very randomly, and you weren't really sure what was going on half of the time. Which is kind of how it has to be! They are also never sure of how many kids will come each week. Sometimes 20 will be registered and 60 will show up. Or the other way around.

We had ages 6 to 11. Most of them were 6 to 8. They were so cute and so sweet. They loved attention and loved you back so much if you showed them love. For the most part! However, sometimes getting them to listen, pay attention and follow a schedule was a very difficult task. They had tonnes of energy! Often it took them 10 to 15 minutes to line up for meals, skills, and to get to chapel. Because I was I the kitchen, I didn't get to bond with them as much as I would have liked! I did get to go fishing with Andrew and a bunch of kids! They having fishing as a skill! And boats to use to go out to the good spots! I caught a fish!! It was so fun!
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