Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road Trip Day 1

We spent our first night at Andrew's camper at falcon lake, showered and hit the road by 9.

We bought some groceries in dryden and had some sandwhiches for lunch. We made our first sightseeing stop at Kakabeka Falls! It was gorgeous! A few minutes later we went to the Terry Fox Scenic Lookout. It had a beautiful view of Lake Superior. We are taking highway 17, which takes longer but has more stuff to see. It is cool to see glimpses of Lake Superior as we drive, it is so big and majestic!

We stopped at Terrace Bay to see a cool waterfall and gorge. For night we went to White Lake Provincial Park and set up our tent. We picked a really uneven site and it was not the greatest sleep. It was like sleeping on the side of a hill. It was really close to the bathroom though! So far we have driven just over 1200 km's!

I love having my BlackBerry! That means I can Blog while we drive and kill some time! I love road trips! :)
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