Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road Trip Day 2

We got up really early, 6 am our time, 7 Ontario time, packed up and hit the road. It was great to get on the road early. Our power outlet was not working so we stopped in Wawa at Canadian Tire to get it fixed. It was important because we are camping, and there would be no way to charge our iPod, BlackBerry, camera, or Nintendo DS. Which of course are all essential parts of a 5000+ km road trip!

Close to Wawa we stopped at Scenic High Falls, which I am pretty sure was man made. It could change flow suddenly because the water level is controlled by a hydro dam. It was still pretty nice!

We had a pretty uneventful day other than that. We had lunch at Taco Bell, stopped at walmart to buy sandals but they had NOTHING dressy, flat and easy to put on in my size! Argh!

I completely forgot about two things that happened yesterday!! We went to the longest suspension bridge in Canada, but we didn't go on it because it was bucks each! We really didn't want to cough up 40 bucks for a 20 minute walk over a bridge. Not when we are on a budget anyway. We like free stuff. Plus it was kinda out of the way, and it got our call covered in bright red dirt. So aggravating!

We also picked up a hitchhiker. His name was Nick and he was about our age. He was pretty cool. I think he was from Minnitaki, which is close to Dryden. We didn't take him very far because he was looking for 3 girls who are walking to Ottawa from Selkirk to raise awarness for single Aboriginal mothers on welfare. An elder had a vision that these three girls would get help from a young man and an older lady, and Nick and his grandma were those people! So he wanted to meet up with them again to try to help them out some more. It turns out we had already passed those girls before we picked him up, so we dropped him off near a river where he wanted to camp. It was awesome!

We also stopped at a chip truck where we got a delicious and gigantic order of fries that only cost is 6. We both couldn't finish them! We just stopped at Tim Horton's and are planning to camp at a provincial park just outside of Ottawa. That will be in about two hours. Our total km's so far is 2200. We still have another 200 to go today!
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