Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip Days 10 and 11

Wednesday morning we slept in and it was awesome! Eric stayed home and I went shopping with my mom, Auntie Margie and cousin Shaelynn. I bought a bunch of food for cheap. We went back to Margie's place and Mom, Robert, Korey, Waylon, Eric and I headed to the Rogers Center for a Jays game. We got really good seats for cheap. They were playingn the Boston Red Sox and they lost.

Thursday I went shopping again with my mom and Margie. I found lots of cheap nice clothes at Giant Tiger! And I got two pairs of jeans for cheap at Zellers. We hung out at Margie's for a while in the afternoon.

Eric, Robert and I went to Wimpy's and got burgers. They were HUGE! I got a junior burger and it was bigger than a regular sized burger! Then the three of us went to another Jays game. The lost again! But I still had fun! I LOVE going to baseball games! Our seats weren't quite as good but they were a bit cheaper than the first ones.
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