Friday, August 14, 2009

Road Trip Day 4

Well, it is not really a road trip since we are in Quebec city for a few days. Today was the start of my PartyLite conference.

I got up bright and early and donned my business attire and took the short 5 minute walk to the conference center. I was so lucky to find a place for so cheap so close! The conference is insane! Everyone is so pumped. They have music blaring and everyone is dancing and cheering for like 15 minutes. The speakers are pretty good, and I am excited to learn even more about how to run my business!

We had lunch provided for us, which was a delicious traditional Quebecois meal! We had maple ham, maple pork and beans, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoe cubes, meat pies, crepes with real maple syrup, plus maple sugar pie for dessert!

I already have a bunch of free stuff and I will be getting even more here and more waiting for me at home! I can't wait to share all the new stuff with people!

Eric and I had supper at a nice place along Grand Allee. It was awesome. We started with a delicious mixed green salad with balsamic vinegar and herb dressing. I had ribs and Eric had steak, both awesome.

Then I had to go to more conference and Eric got to go to cirque du soleil for FREE! I think we might go tonight. I did win a 145 dollar piece of product!

At night we walked around for a while, watched some drunk people scream at each other! I love how warm it is at night here!

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